Business Ideas for Success

August 21, 2014 at 11:24am

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Take these 4 Ideas befores you start your Business

Like all in life the first thing you need to do is to get clarity, the following 4 questions will help you to start:

1.- What is your business mission?

2.- What kind of product or services do you provide?

3.- What do your customers think of your company?

4.- What do you want they to think about your company?

You need to take the time and make a research to know your customers so you can provide them what they are looking for based on your products or services.

Yes,  I know, finding a way to implement branding successfully is very time consuming, hard and lamentably necessary if you want to be an authority and have a place in the market,  therefore I have the following simple and useful step by step tips for you:

- Your logo is key. Choose carefully and place it everywhere.

- Create a brand message. Let all your employees know it.

- Integration. Keep the same tone in all your formats because branding expand in every aspect of your business.

- Make the ¨voice¨ of the company speak like your brand. Al communications, online and offline, all imageries must be the same. Check out these aspects: Is the voice friendly? Direct? Casual? Formal? You get the point.

- Consistency. A clear and consistent message is the best habit for your strategy.

- Be loyal to your brand. Nobody will trust your company if they don´t get what you promise.

Don’t rely on what you think your customers or prospect are thinking of your brand. You can´t  find out what the people are thinking of your brand till you really know it. Do your research, do it well.